Come discover with us!
Are you a parent in the San Diego area? You and your child are invited!
We invite you and your child to be part of (real, live!) science, and participate in our studies! Your visits make our science possible!
Our studies involve stories and games, and are designed to be fun for kids. Visits take place at our child-friendly lab on the UCSD campus. (We also travel to local schools and preschools, so if you are an interested educator let us know!)
Visits to our lab typically last about 30 minutes, and are scheduled at your convenience (we do weekends too!). We offer free parking, $5 to offset the cost of travel, and a small thank-you gift for your child.
To learn more...
To learn more, or to schedule a visit, please fill out the form below. (We respect your privacy - this information will not be shared.)
You can also email us at or reach us by phone at (858) 534-7713.
To fill out the form, scroll within the box below, or make the form full-screen by going to this link:
Visit the Mind and Development Lab!
Returning families, please note: Our parking location has recently changed! This is due to ongoing construction in the previous parking lot.
We are located on UCSD's campus, on the fourth floor of McGill Hall - please park nearby in lot P206.
On Google Maps: Search for "P206 UCSD" to find the parking lot location. To get there, you'll drive by some construction - don't worry, you're in the right place! Once you arrive at parking lot P206, please park in one of our three reserved spaces, which are labeled 890, 891 and 892. These spaces are halfway down the first row in the lot.
A researcher will be there to meet you! Call us at (858) 534-7713 if you don't see us, or need help finding the lot.