How do children judge what is real or pretend? 

Ages 3-7 years

Duration: 15 minutes

We're exploring how young children form judgments about reality in a technology-mediated world! Your child will engage in age-appropriate activities designed to be both educational and entertaining. The appointment will take approximately 30 minutes, with the study taking only 15 minutes.

* You will need to travel to UC San Diego to participate. Parking is reserved for you on campus. *

Ages 17- and 18-month-olds

Duration: 15 minutes

In a 15-minute study over Zoom, your baby will watch videos of two people interacting with two types of snacks. One person will then take some snacks associated with the other person. Do babies expect the person to be happy or sad when this happens?

*This study requires a laptop or desktop computer*

(project in collaboration with the SoCal lab)

In this study, your child will see some pictures and watch videos on the screen, and then answer some questions about how the melodies could be created in the physical environment!

* This study requires a laptop or desktop computer*

Learning about people from objects

Age: 6-year-olds

Duration: 15 minutes

In this study, your child will see sets of objects and will be asked which ones would help them learn about new people.

* Study coming soon *

...More studies to come!

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