Interested in joining our team at the UCSD Mind and Development Lab?


Dr. Schachner is always open to accepting new graduate students. You should apply to the PhD program in Experimental Psychology (find info here) and that you would like to work in the Mind and Development Lab by indicating Dr. Adena Schachner as a faculty mentor of interest. If the graduate admissions committee invites you for an interview, you can request to meet with Dr. Schachner during your visit to discuss your shared research interests and figure out whether the lab would be a good fit for you.


Undergraduate researchers play a crucial role in our research, and we typically have a team of 10-15 undergraduates in the lab in any given quarter. We interview and accept new research assistants at the end or very beginning of each quarter. Look for these positions on the UCSD REAL portal or email our lab coordinator to inquire about openings. If you have filled out the UCSD Psychology Common Application and indicated interest in working with Dr. Adena Schachner Brady in the Mind and Development Lab, we will reach out to you after the deadline to submit further application materials (see "How to Apply" below).

If you are interested in applying to our lab, here is what we require:

  • A three quarter minimum commitment of at least 12 hours a week (which includes attendance at our weekly lab meeting, as well as a smaller meeting with your mentor or research group) to the lab

  • Experience working with children and/or infants


To apply, please complete the following and submit materials to our lab coordinator at

  1. Complete our online application at:

  2. Send in the following materials to

    1. Resume/CV

    2. Cover Letter

    3. Availability schedule, including weekend availability (e.g. in the form of a screenshot of your Course Schedule, screenshot of your Google Calendar weekly view, etc.)

Please see our most recent posting for additional information below:

2021-09-07_REAL PSYC 99 or 199 Posting.pdf